Salary system:
    • Annual salary: 12 months + year-end bonus (adjusted according to operating conditions)
    • Dividends: performance bonuses (depending on individual performance)
Welfare system:
    • Three Gifts / Year-end Tail Lottery / Employee Warranty Voucher / Employee Dividend Share
    • Marriage, fertility, birthday, hospitalization, funeral, etc.
    • Regular employee health checkup
Employee Benefits:
    • Various types of club activities, such as yoga clubs, badminton clubs, mountaineering clubs, etc.
    • Fixed annual subsidies for domestic and foreign tourism.
    • The staff restaurant offers self-catering options and the company subsidizes the meal.
    • There are staff KTV, billiard room, fitness equipment for employees to work and relax.
    • Provide personal car parking space for all colleagues to apply for.
    • There are a large variety of special stores.
Retirement system and its implementation
    • The company’s employee retirement system, according to the Labor Pensions Regulations.
Agreement between labor and management:
    • Employees are the company’s largest assets. The company attaches great importance to the establishment of labor relations and holds regular labor meetings.
    • The opinions of the laborers can be quickly resolved by the attention of the employers. Since the establishment, there have been no major labor disputes.
The situation of various employee rights maintenance measures:
    • The company has a well-established written management system that clearly defines employee rights and obligations and welfare programs to safeguard employee rights.