BOTHHAND specializes in Ethernet, communication, DC/DC converter and electronic components since established. With grasping era pulsation of global IC and 3C industry, complying with experienced management team and focusing on fine tuning every process of electronic industry, BOTHHAND move toward to the goal of “small parts driving the world”.

Production in the mainland China has completed ability which the international plant required. From product development to manufacturing, BOTHHAND never stop striving for perfection. R&D team focus on the best integrated module to raise production volume, decrease related costs and provide customers with the best products and services. With professional research and development ability, BOTHHAND’s products have recognized by professional customers worldwide.

In order to capture the industrial pulsation and meet market requirements timely, we cooperation with famous IC vendors to improve product design.

In search of “Master the science and technology, Master talents” and “Attention on quality, Promise to service”, BOTHHAND will continue to strength the specification and quality of products, increase the depth and breadth of production line to provide market with network, telecommunication, power and automotive electronics (AE) component solutions.

Under the basics of “ Quality First, Pursuit Excellent “, BOTHHAND control the quality for the every small details strictly and devote to ship out the high quality products to the customer after verification in the professional reliability LAB.

In view of richly cultivating Asia while reaching out to the world, the management team and R&D team of BOTHHAND will operate “BOTHHAND” brand in mind, and will make “BOTHHAND” brand to be famous in the world.