Facility Location

  Tainan Plant(Bothhand Enterprise Inc.) Tainan Technology Industrial Park plant Office Building was opened in
  June 200.
R&D center in Taiwan at present, devote to research and develop conductive polymer tantalum chip.

  Corporation headquarters:
  General Manager Room, Sales Department, General management Department, Tainan Firm, it grasp
  the company’s operating lifeline.
  ISO9001 Certified factory

  Taoyuan Div.  
  Established in November 2001
  Global Sales Office

Bothhand Electronics (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd
Established in Jan.1998
First plant in mainland China
Professional plant for DC/DC
ISO9001 certified plant

Bothhand Electronics (DeYang) Co.,Ltd
Established in Jan.2006
Bothhand tentacles extend to the mainland
(Development of West Regions)
New plant was setup in 2008

Deyang Shisheng Electronics Co., Ltd.
Established in Sep.2013
Before the automated production process

  Bothhand Electronics (Hunan) Co.,Ltd.
  Established in 2019
  Main production line for DC/DC Converter