BOTHHAND Introduction

    Established in 1992, BOTHHAND is one of global leading suppliers in developing and manufacturing Discrete LAN Magnetics, ICM (Integrated Connector Module), DC-DC Converter, AC-DC Converter, and low/medium power LED Driver. BOTHHAND will keep providing worldwide customers with professional services, best quality and cost-effective LAN components, power conversion modules and LED drivers.

BOTHHAND’s advantages

● 28-year professional brand of developing and manufacturing discrete LAN magnetics/ICM which meet existing and future design needs of twisted pair Ethernet:  broader bandwidth, higher data rate and PoE support

● Certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949, QC080000 and honorably awarded SONY GP ensuring best product quality and efficient operation

● e-platform and lean production ensuring higher operation efficiency and short decision process

● Own development and highly efficient automation production line ensuring higher production yield rate and stable product quality

● Co-designing with customers to shorten their product development time by LAN magnetics/ICM compliant with worldwide major PHY ICs, professional FAE, EMI/EMC pre-scan and debug services, corresponding IEEE 802.3 twisted pair Ethernet technical solutions and quick sample building

● Bulk purchase and co-design ensuring cost-effective products

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